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Assistant Dean, Nursing Education
Durham Technical Community College in Durham, North Carolina
Date Posted 06/02/2021
Salary $84,000 -$88,000 annually -  
Employment Type Full Time Faculty
Application Deadline Open until filled

Job Title

Assistant Dean, Nursing Education


Health and Wellness



Direct Reports

Director, Associate Degree Nursing; Director, Practical Nursing; Director, Nurse Aide; Administrative Assistant, Nursing Education



Minimum Qualifications

1 The Assistant Dean, Nursing Education must hold a current unrestricted licensed as a registered nurse in the state of North Carolina.
2 The Assistant Dean, Nursing Education must hold a master’s degree in nursing;
3 Prior to or within the first three years of employment, the Assistant Dean, Nursing Education must have preparation in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation, appropriate to assignment. This preparation may be demonstrated by one of the following:
a. completion of 45 contact hours of continuing education courses
b. completion of a certificate program in nursing education
c. nine semester hours of education course work
d. national certification in nursing education
e. documentation of successful completion of structured, individualized development activities of at least 45 contact hours approved by the Board. Criteria for approval include content in the faculty role within the curriculum implementation, objectives to be met and evaluated, review of strategies for identified student population and expectations of student and faculty performance.
4 Have a minimum of 5 years of nursing practice in a clinical setting as an RN;
5 Have a minimum of 3 years work experience as a program director or equivalent of an academic nursing program;
6 Have a minimum of 5 years full time teaching experience (classroom or clinical instruction) at or above the level of the program;
7 The Assistant Dean, Nursing Education must have current knowledge of nursing practice for the registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, and nurse aid.

Work Experience

• Have a minimum of 5 years of nursing practice in a clinical setting as an RN;
• Have a minimum of 3 years work experience as a program director or equivalent of an academic nursing program;
• Have a minimum of 5 years full time teaching experience (classroom or clinical instruction) at or above the level of the program;

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. A thorough understanding and commitment to the mission and philosophy of the North Carolina Community College System.
2. Ability to establish and maintain effective, civil, and respectful interpersonal relations throughout the college and the community.
3. Ability to respect and work with social, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual diversity.
4. Understanding of leadership styles and group dynamics
5. Competence in oral and written communication skills.
6. Demonstrated problem solving and critical thinking skills.
7. Knowledge of preparation, administration, and monitoring of annual budgets.
8. Proven organization and prioritization skills that facilitate multi-tasking, accuracy and punctuality with assigned tasks.
9. Ability to see the big picture while giving close attention to details.
10. Knowledge of trends in nursing and nursing education.
11. Knowledge of accrediting body, regulatory agency, and legal requirements as they relate to nursing and nursing education.
12. Understanding of principles of adult education and student-centered active learning strategies.
13. Proficiency in computer technology as evidenced by competence with Microsoft Office products, including Excel and Word and current instructional technology.
14. Ability to function effectively under stress.
15. Demonstrated conflict resolution abilities.
16. Ability to plan and adapt to change.
17. Awareness of needs and expectations of student, colleagues, and community groups.
18. Ability to think creatively and put ideas into action.
19. Ability to make presentations to small and large audiences.
20. Personal integrity, honesty, and the ability to maintain confidentiality.
21. Familiarity with OSHA standards as they apply to health technologies education.

Essential Functions

The Assistant Dean, Nursing Education is the first-line administrator within the program area responsible for the planning, implementing, coordinating, supervising, and evaluating all instruction and related program management activities. In addition to fulfilling the terms of appointment as specified in the contract of employment, the Assistant Dean, Nursing Education is responsible for fulfilling the following duties:

Job Duties

1. General Operations:
a. Plan, execute, and evaluate annual program goals, objectives, and related activities, based on the needs of the nursing programs, department, division, and College for improved performance;
b. Recommend, implement, and enforce academic policies and procedures, administrative rules and regulations, and other controls intended to maintain order and the highest standards of instruction;
c. Maintain communications throughout the nursing programs by a system of regular meetings with full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty and by means of written communications, utilization of committees, conferences, and/or other group management strategies;
d. Maintain complete office records, as needed; process reports, forms, schedules and all other required paperwork in a timely, efficient manner, checking for the accuracy and correctness of all data;
e. Maintain supportive relations at all times with all other units and branches of the department, the division, and College and the designated hospital personnel, providing assistance to them in carrying out their respective functions and securing their cooperation for the program operations;
f. Maintain communications with other North Carolina Nursing Directors.
g. Seek and establish partnerships with other institutions and agencies that will benefit Associate Degree Nursing students.
h. Oversee recruitment and enrollment strategies for nursing programs;
i. Maintain a weekly work schedule designed to ensure proper supervision of program activities and regular attention to the administrative and instructional requirements of the position.
j. Work with Dean, Health and Wellness to envision, establish, and implement department level decisions, initiatives, innovations, and direction.
k. Work with the Dean and Health and Wellness faculty to advance equity initiatives with the department and beyond.

2. Personnel Management:
a. Assign, supervise, and evaluate full- and/or part-time nursing program directors and faculty;
b. Provide for the professional development needs of all program faculty;
c. Maintain current job descriptions and other required personnel information;
d. Assist in the interview and recommend the appointment of full- and/or part-time, and adjunct faculty and provide for orientation of new employees;

3. Program Management:
a. Support the directors to develop, review, revise, and evaluate program curriculum and instruction, facilitating innovation in curricular and instructional development;
b. Oversee development, review and revision of plans of study, course outlines, and other curriculum information, including copy for publication;
c. Oversee organization and maintenance of effective advisory committee system in support of the nursing programs;
d. Support the functions of the Office for Curriculum Development, including adherence to all facets of the academic change process;
e. Ensure that the nursing programs and curriculum offerings are in full compliance with the require¬ments for accreditation, certification, and other standards stipulated by appropriate external agencies;
f. Develop, implement, evaluate, and revise a total program systematic evaluation plan that addresses current state and national standards for nursing education.
g. Develop and maintain productive relations with those businesses, industries, medical facilities, and other organizations in the community which are pertinent to the program and prospective graduates and with which the College may hold contracts, other agreements, or arrangements.
h. Oversee communication and reporting to state and accrediting agencies for nursing programs. Prepare for and oversee accreditation visits. Maintain all accreditation requirements. Address issues relating to NCLEX scores, accreditation, and attrition. Implement and oversee program improvement plans.
4. Financial Management:
a. Oversee preparation and administration of nursing budgets, oversee status of expenditures, maintaining necessary records and filing reports;
b. Oversee process for contracts for part-time and adjunct faculty, contractual services, and with external agencies, plus other financial agreements;
c. Supervise, process, and maintain records of all leave requests, absentee reports, and related documentation for all program faculty;
d. Work with directors to recommend equipment, supplies, materials, and physical facilities to meet program needs; prepare requisitions for appropriate and/or authorized purchases; maintain operational all program equipment and facilities; and provide inventory records and security for the same.
e. Provide general budget oversight and management for all nursing programs ensuring that programs stay within budget allocations;
f. Develop grant applications and work with Durham Tech Foundation to seek additional external funding.

5. Instructional Management and Supervision:
a. Hold teaching responsibilities for Practical Nursing or Associate Degree Nursing (where instructional needs are).
b. Work with directors to prepare and process semester offerings and class schedule which meet the requirements of the program and the needs of the program students, ensuring that the instructional resources of the program are being utilized efficiently and effectively and that the program’s mission is being met;
c. Oversee the evaluation of the operation of all classes being conducted within the assigned function of the program, including visitations to day, evening, weekend, and off-campus classes, clinical practicum, and other instructional activities;
d. Oversee the evaluation of teaching loads, office hours, student advisement, committee work, and other instructional activities;
e. Otherwise ensure that accountable instruction is being provided within the program at all times: instructors are on time and prepared, all classes are properly covered, instruction is conducted as scheduled, and course and program requirements are being met.

6. Other Duties:
a. Teach a minimum load of two (2) to three (3) contact hours per semester, as determined by the needs of the program and as approved by the Dean, Health and Wellness;
b. Represent the program, the department, the division, or the College in the institutional assignments, community affairs, and professional activities, and uphold such involvement among program faculty; c. Provide appropriate assistance and support for the functions of non credit offerings aside from Nurse Aide, particularly the special training needs of business, industry, and allied health;
d. Provide support and assistance to the Student Support Services Division in conducting student recruitment and registration, determining admission requirements and procedures, orientation of new students, job placement of graduates, and other related activities; and,
e. Participate in student complaint resolution.

7. The Assistant Dean, Nursing Education, in addition to the noted above, will be responsible for working in close cooperation with the program directors of the nursing programs to include the following:

a. Assist the nursing program directors with accreditation requirements including the self-study report and the site-visit preparations.
b. With the Director of Curriculum Development, participate in and facilitate the Program Review process for the nursing programs.
c. Coordinate resource management for all nursing programs;
d. Assist the Dean, Health and Wellness with the development of new nursing initiatives.
e. Participate in simulation implementation.
f. Attend nursing Advisory Committee meetings.
g. Assist all nursing programs with development of strategic and other plans and with implementation and evaluation of those plans.
h. Substitute for the Dean Health and Wellness at meetings as needed.
i. Additional duties shall include other appropriate activities assigned by the Dean, Health and Wellness, Vice President, Academics and Guided Career Pathways, and the President.

Physical Demands

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position. The physical and mental demands described as follows are representative of those that must be met by an employee in performing the essential functions of this job:
• Mobility sufficient to conduct a three (3) hour class.
• Ability to sit and/or stand sufficient to perform job duties.
• Ability to lift light objects at times, 10 lbs or under.
• Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to perform required job functions.

Required Working Hours

A minimum of a 40-hour work week as determined with the supervisor to allow the employee to fulfill the assigned duties and responsibilities, including occasional evening and weekend hours. Summer schedules may vary to enable four-day or four and one half

Job Type

Full Time Faculty

Hiring Range

$84,000 -$88,000 annually

Posting Number


Open Date


Open Until Filled

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