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Give your job search a winning edge today by creating your FacultyJobs.net account. This FREE service can help eliminate some of the stress that comes from applying for several jobs at once. It will help you organize your applications and help you quickly and easily apply for jobs using our website. With a FacultyJobs account you'll enjoy all of the benefits below.
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FacultyJobs.net helps employers find you when you add your resume to our Resume Database. We understand that you might want to keep your job search private. In that case, you can check a box when creating your resume to indicate whether or not you want employers to see it when they search our database. If you decide to make your resume public, you can use discretion because you can choose to shield all of your contact information except your email address. That way, all employers searching our database will only be able to contact you using the email address you provide.

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Tracking many applications is fast and easy with FacultyJobs.net. Your Organizer can categorize a job each time you use FacultyJobs to apply for an opening. The organizer will log who you sent your application to and it records the date you sent it. Juggling many job applications at one time can be a challenge. To make things easier, the organizer helps you monitor and stay on top of each of your applications. You can set up automatic emails to notify you to do things like send a follow-up letter or make a follow-up telephone call.

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